Audit and Assurance Support

Delivering Accurate, Robust & High-Quality Audit and Assurance Support Services

Enhancing Financial Transparency with Audit Support Process

Audit and assurance support is vital to any business's financial operations. It serves as crucial support to examine financial statements that represent accurate and fair views and comply with statutory obligations.

Our audit and assurance support services are designed to help you enhance financial efficiency and accuracy with a high standard of auditing experience in Australia. Our highest-quality audit support services provide substantial value to your financial operations.

Checklist for Audit & Assurance Support Services

We provide a full suite of audit support services with a high level of assurance that helps organisations and ensures the firm's accuracy and reliability. Our services include:

Offshore Audit Support Services

  • Rolling forward of EGA (Evidence Gathering Activity) on audit software
  • Conduct tests of details and controls for material FSLI items
  • Performing FS tie-out for internal consistency and mathematical accuracy and agreeing on lead schedules with financial statements
  • Preparing leads schedule of FSLI items
  • Perform the analytical procedure
  • Perform the substantive procedure
  • Account confirmation with external third-party
  • Preparing the EGA
  • Preparing the audit report
  • Create checklists to report errors to the onshore audit team to use in financial statements

Risk Advisory Support Services

  • Preparing the RCM (Risk Control Matrix)
  • Control design testing
  • Control effectiveness testing
  • Reporting

Benefits of Audit and Assurance Support Services

Outbooks has a team of qualified and experienced auditors who provide a fair and accurate view by reviewing your financial data. You can have several benefits by partnering with us:

  • Accurate and Trustworthy Financial Statements
  • Reduced Frauds & Errors
  • Enhanced Compliance with Regulations
  • Streamlines and Efficient Business Operations
  • Improved Internal Controls
  • Elevated Credit Ratings and Valuation

Why Choose Outbooks Audit & Assurance Support Services?

Our expertise instils faith in providing our clients with efficient and reliable data, financial information, and value. We have a team of high-calibre, experienced, and top-notch professionals who can offer more than you expect in auditing support services.

Get in Touch for Audit and Assurance Support Services in Australia

We provide you with top-notch auditing and assurance services in Australia so that your internal team members can stay out of stress and focus on their core objectives. Contact us today to get tailored auditing services as per your needs.

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Services Offered


With Outbooks, you gain access to highly qualified and dedicated offshore bookkeepers. Bookkeeping forms the core of the accounting process, and our expert bookkeepers bring many years of Australian bookkeeping experience.

Management Accounts

Management accounts are the lifeblood of all well-run organizations. They can boost performance, inform strategy, escalate profits, enable detailed analysis, and accentuate issues.

Payroll Processing

Payroll management can get time-consuming and exhaustive. Getting payroll correct month after month is critical for everyone.

Data Entry

Data entry comes with its own set of challenges. Get the pain out of accounting data entry by outsourcing your data entry tasks to our team of efficient operators. Save time and instead focus on high-value tasks that help your clients grow.


Outbooks is a leading provider of Virtual Bookkeeping & Accounting Services across the Australia.

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