Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Are you spending your valuable time tracking down payments and keeping the billing system up to date? Are you not receiving your payments on time? Are you finding it difficult matching payments to invoices, constantly having to resend copies of invoices?

You are not alone. Businesses today face many challenges when it comes to their invoicing and Accounts Receivable (AR) process. This means your operations and production may need to slow down, missing revenue targets and hurting your business.

Good cash flow is crucial in every organization.

Whatever the size of your business, an AR clerk or analyst is a powerful addition.

AR has two broad functions:

  1. tracking revenue expected to be received (invoicing) and
  2. making efforts to collect those revenues.

Other roles include assisting in generating financial statements and designing customer-facing forms, like invoices. These functions need the support of IT systems, which AR personnel must understand.

AR functions also include performing credit checks on customers requesting credit. If the customers are late in paying, which has its apparent detrimental effects, the accounts receivable personnel attempts to collect the outstanding balance. They track who owes what and make reconciliatory adjustments to the accounts, finding and fixing input errors.

Decreased administrative costs, streamlined processes and an integrated collection system are some of the benefits of outsourcing AR, a vital finance and accounting function.

Why Count On Outbooks?

We understand that chasing away potential bad debts can eat up your business's valuable time and reserves. No matter whether your third-party payments are due within a few days or an entire year, you can bank on Outbooks to deal with the pressure. As a result, you'll be able to concentrate on growing your firm.

At Outbooks, we leverage our vast experience with 2,000 clients to solve problems and drive growth. Our laser focus on selecting suitable candidates with the right mix of skills, credentials, and expertise helps us achieve each company's specific goals. We use state-of-the-art software in line with the old-school practices for optimal efficiency and quick turnaround.

Outsourcing AR cuts down on a significant amount of overhead costs associated with setting up an in-house team or entire department. Moreover, managing AR in-house is proven to slowly empty the available resources, including the morale of your employees.

With substantial experience in managing AR, you won't need to bother about timely obtaining your receivables but focus your employees' energy on core activities.

This further calls for outsourcing this critical aspect of your business to professionals with sufficient competency in all viewpoints like us. Thus, leaving your relations with your customers and vendors optimistic and uncompromised.

Your Questions, Our Answers

  • How can a business manage its Accounts Receivables in a better way?

    A growing business can better manage its Accounts Receivable in several ways. This includes assuring all the parties agree upon the due date, the final amount owed, being up to date on receivables past their due date, and the like. Depending on your clients' operating size and diversification, outsourcing may be more cost-efficient and alleviate your business.

  • Are Accounts Receivable essential for any business to thrive?

    Accounts Receivable is the heart of any business that ensures a smooth flow of resources through the company. With cash-flow mismanagement, it is next to impossible to run a business. Thus, an efficient running of the Accounts Receivable department is of paramount importance for any business to thrive.

  • Shall I outsource Accounts Receivable?

    Outsourcing Accounts Receivables to professionals comes with an array of benefits. For instance, it lowers the cost of in-house operations and ensures that employees' skills are directed to more profitable activities, quicker collecting debts, etc.

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