Juggling cash flow in a small business is difficult at the best times, but it’s more complex around the Christmas and New Year holidays when many firms close, and consumers go on vacation.

The festive season can be a stressful time for small business owners. And one of the big headaches for these can be unpaid invoices. It can lead to huge shortfalls for small businesses. This problem worsens when holiday expenses rise.

However, with some forethought, you can avoid the monetary crisis. Keeping enough cash in hand and good management might help you start the new year with enough money to enjoy a well-deserved holiday getaway.

Savvy Tips to Save Your Cash Flow During Holidays

Here are some basic ways to keep cash flowing during the holiday season and address the issue of unpaid invoices.

Send Early Bird Invoices

During the holiday season, most businesses are closed. If you don’t invoice consumers before the holiday season, you’ll have to wait until January to collect money.

Sending out invoices on time and putting up payment reminders will help you keep money flowing and avoid a cash flow crisis.

Offering early payment discounts to your clients can also be an efficient method to shorten payment cycles. Offering an incentive to your clients to pay early can provide access to funds when most beneficial to your organisation.

Look for Strategic Budgeting

The first step to maintaining smooth cash flow before the holiday season begins is to evaluate your budget. Determine where you can spend more, such as seasonal promotions to clear out stock, and where you can cut back, such as an all-expenses-paid company Christmas party. Businesses can better preserve their cash flow using strategic budgeting and smarter resource allocation.

Improve Your Profit Margins

When you run into a cash flow problem, you should thoroughly examine your business plan, methods, operations, and expenses. You must identify why you experienced a cash flow shortfall and whether it will reoccur. You will also need to devise a strategy to deal with future shortages.

To identify the most and least profitable areas, examine your company’s profit and loss statements and profit margins depending on different categories (jobs, clients, employees, events, marketing tactics, products, and services). This will assist you in adjusting your business plan to focus on services that make the greatest profit and eliminate clients who may be costing you more.

Evaluate Your Borrowing Options

When more money flows out of your organisation than into it, you have a cash flow shortage. One solution to the challenge is finding a way to bring money into the business. This can be done with a company loan or a credit card advance. However, before you take on a business loan, understand the interest rates and have exhausted all other possibilities. Make certain that you are not making a decision that will push the problem down the road to be addressed later.

If your company has an inherent problem driving your cash flow crisis, taking on debt will merely put a band-aid on the problem and worsen it in the future.

Handle Late Payments

Make sure to allow late payers to get away with slacking off at this time of year.

If you’ve delivered a product or service, you have every right to be paid according to the agreed-upon terms. After all, running a business, you’ll still have bills to pay.

The key is to plan to pursue the payment as soon as it becomes due and has yet to be paid. This entails calling and establishing strong relationships with the appropriate personnel in the accounts department.

Emailing seven days before the due date as a reminder and continuing to call daily for those who are past due, as you want to finish the year on time.

Adapt Smart Tech Upgradation for the Future

Small businesses should set aside time to critically analyse expenditures to see if there is room for improved savings, according to Michelle Kvello, director of Sydney finance and strategy consultant Lantern Partners.

This could include automating tools to assist with cash forecasting. However, don’t wait until the last minute. Many automated procedures take some setup, so assessing your management flow today is essential, as well as finding places where automation can help optimise your processes.

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